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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

After being discovered by members of the Portuguese exploratory expedition of 1501, who confused it with the mouth of a large river, known as “Rio de Janeiro”, Guanabara Bay became the main access to the city of Rio de Janeiro.


In the eighteenth century, with the development of mining, the port region of Rio de Janeiro became the main exporting and importing center for the towns of Minas Gerais, where gold and diamonds flowed, and manufactured goods, among other products. From the mid-nineteenth century, plans to improve the port to meet the ever-growing needs of its trade began to emerge, with works beginning in 1889. The works transformed Rio, with the demolition of at least three hills in the Center , the 1.7 million square meter landfill in Guanabara Bay and the extension of the Mangue Canal.


One hundred years after construction began, the port that was born as the most important anchorage in Latin America, is now undergoing a new renovation, with the expansion, articulation and requalification of public spaces in the region, aiming at improving the quality of life of its current and future residents and the environmental and socioeconomic sustainability of the area. The city of Rio de Janeiro shows clear signs of a new economic dynamic, driven by the great events that will take place in the city in the coming years.


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