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Maringá, founded by Companhia Melhoramentos Norte do Paraná, was designed following a previously established urban plan. Squares, streets and avenues were demarcated considering, to the maximum, the topographic characteristics of the chosen area, revealing a lucid concern with regard to the protection of green areas and native vegetation.


Planned to be a city of 200 thousand inhabitants, in an activity considered at the time as “Visionary”, Maringá became a great center of economic convergence and this success is due in large part to the original urban layout that provided for the industrial zone, commercial zone and residential zone.


The city of Maringá had its name extracted from a very famous song at the time, entitled Maringá, written by Composer Joubert de Carvalho, hence the name “Cidade Canção”. The city is part of the tourist itinerary of Brazil, due to its natural beauty, with its centralized forests and the beautiful Cathedral of Nossa Senhora da Glória, in a cone shape, 124 meters high and its fountains in the same format. It is the tenth tallest monument in the world.


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