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INOVAX develops new management model


INOVAX develops new management model

With the view that the adoption of new technologies is increasing, INOVAX develops a new management model 


With the increasing dependence on business in the technological sector, and with the increasing complexity of technology, companies are looking for solutions to increase their competitiveness and be able to focus on their core business


A Frost & Sullivan survey conducted in July 2018 reveals that companies are shifting the focus from technology spending to optimizing the use of digital transformation accelerators and improving their business. This awareness can be measured by the growth of the outsourcing across Latin America, which in 2018 was approximately US$ 13.6 billion. 


INOVAX's Technological BPO offer aims to fulfill this role, structuring the operational and technology use processes in support of the business. This has been the case for INOVAX, a leader in the provision of mission-critical projects in IT and Telecom in Brazil, which, observing its market, realized the need for a new management model outsourcing, with a focus on reducing expenses and optimizing processes for companies that seek to continue growing through the use of technology suited to their business models.


Thus, the BPO service was born (Business Process Outsourcing) developed by INOVAX, an intelligent way to improve the operation of a business, thus allowing the contracting company to keep the focus on its “core business”. 


According to Manoel A. Rodrigues, COO of INOVAX, “The market has evolved from an older vision, from acquiring assets and internal training, to a more modern vision, from outsourcing business processes, generating more value at various levels for companies and society. INOVAX seeks with its BPO offer to position itself to better use its know-how in communication and IT technologies in the operating processes to generate more value for its customers. ”


This management model outsourcing has been in use since 2016 at COPEL, the largest energy company in the state of Paraná, an INOVAX customer since 2008. 



Well structured and with a wide portfolio, INOVAX currently has units in 27 capitals where it provides technical assistance and meets demands such as voice networks, financial operation desk systems, data networks, broadband access networks, computing and storage systems for “data centers”, security systems, management systems, systems integration and development, operation support systems (0SS), business support systems (BSS), Analytics and “Business Intelligence” (BI).

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