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COPEL Brasil

The client


  • Copel - Companhia Paranaense de Energia, the largest energy company in the state of Paraná, was founded on October 26, 1954, with state control.


  • The Company directly serves 3,592,901 consumer units in 393 municipalities and 1,108 localities (districts, towns and villages) in Paraná. This universe includes 2.8 million homes, 66 thousand industries, 297 thousand commercial establishments and 347 thousand rural properties. The staff is made up of 8.6 thousand employees.


  • More than 7,200 km of transmission lines.


  • More than 178,000 km of distribution lines.


  • More than 3.5 million customers.


  • Coverage of 80% in the state of Paraná and 95% of the population.



MPLS Backbone

COPEL's challenge

  • Limited bandwidth
  • Impossibility of flexible services
  • High operating cost


Huawei Solution

  • Revenue growth and future-oriented
  • Intelligent management system
  • Customization

COPEL benefit

  • Simplified network structure
  • Green design
  • High reliability
  • Innovative technologies
  • Unified backbone services


More of 60 core NE40 routers. Innovative technology and customized solutions. High TCO reduction as well as growth of Copel's business…

optical fiber

Supply, Support and Maintenance 7 × 24 with centralized spare parts.

GPON - Broadband Access

Deployment of Optical Line Concentrators and Terminals for Passive Optical Gigabit Network (GPON) at Copel Telecom, providing access to fiber broadband for thousands of users.


  • Integration with switching resources, using high capacity equipment;
  • Reduction of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs for Copel with Huawei Advanced Management system;
  • Core with Green architecture, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design, automatically turns off any idle boards and intelligently adjusts fan speed, effectively reducing energy consumption in the datacenter.

Inner Core 100G Project


COPEL's challenge

  • Limited bandwidth for users;
  •  Impossibility of flexible services;
  •  High operating cost.


Huawei Solution

  •  Increase in revenue and oriented to Cloud applications;
  •  Intelligent management system.

COPEL benefit

  • Simplified network structure;
  • Green design;
  • High performance core;
  • Innovative technologies;
  • Multimedia Applications;
  • Cloud computing.


Implementation of high performance Core Switch for Copel's Datacenter

cloud frabric

Solution with full support for virtualization, iStack clustering and Software Defined Network (SDN) resources to create and scale various data center services. 

CE12812 switches with versatility and high performance

Implementation of a redundant 10Gbits / s optical ring to interconnect the Monorail - Line 15 - Silver Metro, using Huawei Switches, Firewalls and Management System.

1st Phase: 7x Stations


  • High performance solution in the access, aggregation and core layers of the network of each station; 
  • Functionalities for VLAN deployment, routing functions, support for migration of IPv6, PoE, stacking, VRRP and RRPP networks; 
  • Highly secure platform with scalable and redundant management system.  
  • Modular, redundant equipment with high capacity and scalability in the Metro Control and Operation Center.
logo serpro

Implantation of Huawei Access Switches with support for PoE +, 10Gbit / s fiber uplinks, redundant power supplies, for Serpro's regional offices throughout Brazil.

  • Super-flexible, easy-to-manage platform that allows you to optimize L3 switching capacity and bandwidth on downstream ports from 100 Mbit / s to 1 Gbit / s.
  • Support for iStack clustering to facilitate scalability in the access number;
  • Advanced user authentication features.