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Financial Operation Tables & Applications

Financial Operation Tables & Applications


The financial trading desk is an extremely important structure for the functioning of the market.


Also known as trading desks, they can be found in most financial institutions - such as banks, brokers, investment managers, among others, where purchase and sale transactions with shares, fixed income securities, derivatives, commodities and currencies take place. , in addition to customer support activities in structuring operations, observing opportunities and advising on investments and investment of resources.


The NEOPATH System offered by INOVAX is an integrated communication platform, developed to meet the specific demands of the Financial Operations Tables environments, with unique characteristics, such as capacity, availability and flexibility, providing better management of operational risk.




The advanced features of the NEOPATH platform enable numerous voice communication facilities for the establishment and efficient management of simultaneous calls, maintenance of personal records, conference management and call recording and playback.




Other features and facilities available:

  • Consultations with web information services;
  • Integration with existing infrastructure and equipment (PABX, Recorder, IP Terminals);
  • Uses the TCP / IP protocol;
  • SIP and LDAP technologies;
  • Redundant architecture with the geographic distribution of the critical modules of the system with replication of data and communication sessions in real time to enable high levels of contingency (n + m);
  • Critical components with "Hot Swap" technology to enable high availability;
  • Free seating in the corporate cloud for data storage and user authentication on multiple sites;
  • It allows multiple simultaneous conferences, without altering the audio quality and with several internal and external participants;
  • Monitoring of multiple simultaneous connections;
  • Access control by user and password;
  • It allows the creation of profiles of users and groups;
  • Centralized recording and auditing;
  • Display (LCD) with touch screen;
  • Handsets and handset holders with simultaneous use and “MUTE” key;
  • Integrated speakerphone;
  • Built-in omnidirectional microphone or Goose Neck (optional);
  • Secrecy in conversations;
  • Adjustment of individual gain per line in the transmission and reception routes, separately;

  • Floating audio circuits between communication sessions (Floating Handset);
  • Panel for direct access to main contacts;
  • Panel for individual control of participants in a session;
  • Configurable speakers and microphone for the audio circuit with acoustic echo cancellation;
  • Several calls simultaneously in the same terminal and / or device (Handset / AF / Headset);
  • Identification of the calling telephone number (BINA) with the association of the telephone number and name of the institution;
  • Headphone interface (Bluetooth® or DECT) configurable;
  • Bluetooth® accessory interface;
  • Centralized Recording and Auditing;
  • Playback of all communication sessions recorded in the system, filtered by date, time, participant, etc .;
  • Playback controls: play, pause, stop, forward, rewind and speed (1 / 2x, 1x or 2x);
  • Visual interface showing the activities of each participant;
  • Exclusive voice to text conversion system;
  • Export of full or partial audio;
  • Possibility of including written notes in the recordings;
  • Search and execution of recordings via browser;
  • Audit.