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Inovax Solutions

Inovax Solutions

Decision Centers - Financial Operations Bureau | Command and Control


Leader in offering mission-critical products and projects in IT and Telecom, Inovax has already installed its solution for Telephone Operations Desk in dozens of financial institutions and thousands of operating points, recording channels and private and public lines throughout Brazil . Our solution has a distributed contingency, operation, management and integrated recording system. Reliability is our main objective, which is why we are present in banks, brokers and distributors in the financial market, pension and pension funds, and operation and control centers for power generation and distribution centers located in Brazil and abroad.


Telecom Network Solutions


With proven expertise in projects, implementation and support of ICT solutions, Inovax supplied, installed and configured more than 100,000 access devices and surpassing 2,000 equipment and systems composed of active network and storage elements of high availability, processing and capacity in customers private and public institutions, such as: servers, storage, switches, routers, firewall, terabit routers and others. Its applications are diverse and can be used in Data Centers, telecommunications networks, supervision, operation and control systems, databases, etc. Inovax has a professional and trained team to work in support and technical assistance throughout the national territory.


OpenStack and Cloud Management


Inovax is a specialist in the implementation of cutting edge technology and is always attentive to the main trends of the national and international market. Through strategic partnerships, Inovax implemented Cloud environments (IaaS) in public and private institutions. Our solution includes all hardware and operating system for automatic large-scale provisioning of storage and high availability OpenStack cloud virtual machines, fully redundant network architecture, high machine virtualization capacity and network functions (NFV), with solution Software Defined Network (SDS) and Software Defined Network (SDN), backup and restore capabilities for critical components, as well as knowledge transfer, technical support and warranty.


CDC (Container Data Center)


In view of the growing demand for the implementation of technological infrastructure, Inovax provides, implements and advises projects for the implementation of various Container Data Center (CDC) solutions in a safe environment. Our modular solution meets the necessary agility and speed requirements and includes high capacity disk systems, monitoring, management, cooling, fire fighting, UPS and generator set systems, fully redundant, with warranty, training and technical maintenance.


GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network)


Also present in the segment of high-speed internet infrastructure, Inovax performs engineering works and services for the activation, maintenance and management of optical networks of Internet service provider subscribers using GPON technology (high-speed data transmission). Inovax monitors, through the TKSS platform, the management and execution of network deployment services, in addition to supplying materials and equipment to more than 20,000 subscriber points. The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services offered by Inovax include areas of connectivity, processing, storage and security of information, operation management and business management allowing the client to keep the focus on their "core business".


IoT - Internet of Things


Inovax provides specialized systems for Smart Metering solutions, taking the measurement and processing method in the management of resources in the distribution of water, gas and energy to a new level. The application of new technologies and processes, which make it possible to reduce losses and increase efficiency in the collection and management process, is the necessary way to guarantee the concessionaires' competitiveness, helping them to comply with social and environmental responsibility obligations. , as well as ensuring scarce natural resources.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


With the increasing dependence on business in the technological sector, and with the increasing complexity of technology, companies are looking for solutions to increase their competitiveness and be able to focus on their core business. Inovax's Technological BPO offer aims to fulfill this role, structuring the operational and technology use processes in support of the business. The market has evolved from an older view, from acquiring assets and internal training, to a more modern view, from outsourcing business processes, generating more value at various levels for companies and society. With its BPO offer, Inovax seeks to position itself to better use its know-how in communication and IT technologies in its operating processes to generate more value for its customers.


Specialized services


Design, implementation, warranty, support and training with a team specialized in project management.