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The company

INOVAX Engenharia de Sistemas Ltda. is a Brazilian IT and Telecommunications company that has been operating in the system integration area in Brazil since 1989. It has been structured to achieve the profile of a leading engineering company, establishing important partnerships for the development and integration of solutions using partner products. strategic, focused on supplying solutions for IP and optical communication networks, storage systems, cloud computing, real-time communication, meetering and IoT.


Leader in the supply of mission-critical projects in IT and Telecom in Brazil, the company has great expertise in providing solutions for the financial, corporate, public and education markets using methodology and know-how to meet advanced requirements.


In recognition, INOVAX has received several awards over the years: in 2003 it participated in the FINEP Award for Technological Innovation, in the Product category for the “Trade System”, and in 2005 it won the Top Business Award SEBRAE / FIRJAN - Honorable Mention with approval from all projects submitted for support by FINEP, FAPERJ, CNPQ and PROGEX / MCT.


In order to become the best option in the market in offering solutions and implementing mission critical projects, INOVAX has strategic partners, focused on supplying telecommunications solutions for professional use of high availability and performance, and provides technical assistance nationwide, meeting the demands of the 27 capitals. Its specialized project engineering team is located in São Paulo, its administration in Rio de Janeiro and has several operational points in strategic locations in Brazil.


Among the successful cases of INOVAX we can highlight: the high performance financial table with integrated recording from Caixa Econômica Federal - one of the main financial networks in Brazil; the innovative “turn key” (FTTH) project for optical access with GPON technology - “fiber to the home” for Copel Telecom throughout the state of Paraná; and a high availability computing system for the virtualization of FURNAS operating systems, with the objective of maintaining the synchronism of the entire electric network in the national territory.


“Listening to what the customer needs and customizing the technological solution to serve him is one of our differentials,” says Manoel Rodrigues, the company's COO.

Contact addresses

Rio de Janeiro

Av. Rio Branco, 4 - Sl. 401 to 403

Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

CEP: 20.090-003

Tel: (21) 2103-5550

São Paulo

Rua Líbero Badaró, 425 - Conj. 163

Centro - São Paulo - SP

CEP: 01.009-000

Tel: (11) 3106-0178


Rua Comendador Araújo, 143 - Conj. 191 and 192

Centro - Curitiba - PR

CEP: 80.420-000

Tel: (41) 3095-3255


Av. Doutor Alexandre Rasgulaeff, 6.001

Jardim Real - Maringá - PR

CEP: 87.083-000

Tel: (44) 3122-0237 or (44) 3122-0236

Espírito Santo

Rua Francisco Sousa dos Santos, 731 - Setor D - 1st Floor - Sl. 5

Jardim Limoeiro - Serra - ES

CEP: 29.164-153

Tel: (27) 3026-3025