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IP Recording System - “Eterna”

IP Recording System - ETERNA


High density VoIP recording platform for decision and control centers and mission critical environments, such as: Contact Centers, Financial Operations Tables, Air Traffic Control Center and Dispatch Centers.


O ETERNA it is indicated for organizations that need a secure record of the operations carried out to verify and confirm transactions, guarantee compliance with established standards, dispute resolution, improve operational efficiency, quality monitoring and risk management.


The system ETERNA offers a complete recording solution for capturing and recording audio and data, ensuring flexibility, robustness, reliability and security, through the total recording of communications carried out within the corporate environment.

It has unlimited channel capacity, high storage capacity, diverse search engines, easy access and operation playback, data storage redundancy, redundant power supply and advanced data protection system.


The recording solution ETERNA it also has multiple operational applications that allow integration with other platforms, in addition to offering the possibility of developing customizable applications for greater performance in analysis in different scenarios.


Other features:

  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Access via the web at any time;
  • High density;
  • Selective or Demand Recording;
  • Advanced audio compression;
  • Unlimited virtual storage center online;

  • Easy retrieval and reproduction with multiple search criteria;
  • State-of-the-art administration system;
  • Advanced security features through definable profile levels;
  • Automatic voice to text transcription;
  • Multimedia recording platform with a wide range of solutions;
  • Transmission and reception recorded on different channels.