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Water resources

Smart Metering


INOVAX supplies specialized systems from the Israeli company Miltel for Smart Metering solutions, seeking to take the measurement and processing method in the management of resources in the distribution of water, gas and energy to a new level.


The application of new technologies and processes, which make it possible to reduce losses and increase e ciency in the collection and management process, is the necessary way to guarantee the concessionaires' competitiveness, helping them to comply with social responsibility and as well as ensuring scarce natural resources.

Gateway - BTS

The Gateway is a device that collects data transmitted from a device by relaying

in sequence through any of the possible Backhauls.


Collection - Update

  • Highly and aware infrastructure.
  • Collects and updates network information.
  • Receives information from the Endpoints via the RF link.
  • Routines for verifying the integrity of information from sensors, connectors and meters.

  • Powerful error correction algorithm.
  • Receiver provides the system with signal strength information and additional data, facilitating comprehensive analysis of radio performance by DataSense software.
  • Capacity greater than 2,000 terminals. • Several Backhaul options.

Endpoint - EWP

Transceiver without RF-based - Radio Frequency installed near or incorporated into a device for

effectively collect and transmit data to the BTS Gateway.


Some features:

  • Multiple connectivity applications.
  • Independent or embedded connection.
  • Digital or analog interfaces for connection to:

- Meters
- Water meters
- Sensors
- Valves
- Actuators

Information and Transfer

  • Transfer and receive data to the DataSense software.
  • Data transferred in real time to the DataSense Control Center.
  • Search and update data from Endpoints.
  • Includes several built-in transceivers and interfaces, including:
    GSM - GPRS –WiFi - LAN –TCP IP.
  • Multiple Backhaul options.
  • LAN

- Cell phone
- Fiber
- Others

  • Firmware with local programming for:

- Settings
- Transmissions
- Alarms
- Events
- Routines
- Multiple configurations for internal or external antenna.
- Unlimited data transmission capacity instantly.
- Internal battery with standard 10-year power supply and optional for
20 years.
- Information transmitted by RF protocol to Gateways.
- Collect and transmit information based on schedules or
upon the occurrence of an event.


Differentiated and improved program for collecting measurements

and other information from the RF Fixed Network.

  • Proven and referenced friendly interface.
  • Analysis and dynamic handling of information and exceptions.
  • Enabled management features that transform simple readings
    powerful and improved tools.
  • Monitoring and management of all aspects of collection to delivery
    consumption and information.
  • Advanced management features including detection of events and breaches.
  • Data and alerts informed to the recipient in a timely manner.
  • Database management and analysis applications.

  • Accumulates, treats and consolidates information received from Endpoints
    pointing out:

- Attempted fraud
- Consumption data
- Meter status
- Leaks
- Alarms
- Events
- Calculations and studies

  • Database updated periodically facilitating total control of consumption.
  • Open architecture allowing easy integration and interface with legacy systems.
  • Customer support functionality.
  • Commercial and operational applications.
  • Data Analytics.
  • NRW Non - Revenue Water program.

- Reconciles, treats and analyzes consumption and data in real time for evaluation
of distributed volume x measured volume.


Inovax Engenharia de Sistemas has been supplying BRK AMBIENTAL, one of the largest companies in the private sanitation sector in Brazil, with a solution for managing the loss and fraud management of macro and micro measurement of water consumption. Through a technological solution that includes the Fixed Network platform Smart Metering MILTEL (based on pre-IoT radio frequency) and DataSense for Water Software (combined with the NRW - Non Revenue Water functionality, which allows us to identify significant characteristics of synchronized readings: daily and night flow ), we were able to prove how important it is to proactively detect possible leaks in the water system.


In addition to becoming an INOVAX case, the operation of this project at the Limeira unit, which has been operating since 2016, has been providing relevant and innovative information on water systems and consumption.


Relevant benefits that can be seen:

  • Real-time measurement and alarms.
  • Measurement safety and accuracy.
  • Mobility and accessibility to average measurements.
  • Water balance for loss management in the network through differentiated software and improved NRW - Non Revenue Water program to collect measurements and other information from the Fixed Network with dynamic analysis and treatment of information and exceptions.
  • Detection of:
    • Leak
    • Meter without advance.
    • Reverse flow.
    • Magnetic fraud.
    • Decoupling the sensor.
    • Horizontal position.
    • Shock
  • Cost Reduction with:
    • Labor.
    • Offsets
    • Work and traffic accidents.
    • Visits.
    • Call Center.
  • Multi Utility Network.
  • Prepayment function.
  • Value Added Services Network.
  • Data management with billing forecast.
  • Superior quality in customer service.
  • Contributes to the definition of the meter suitable to the consumption profile.
  • Joint use in condominiums for individual measurement.