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IP and Broadcast Networks

For the integration of telecommunications networks using the Internet Protocol (IP), INOVAX uses the following solutions:


GPON technology eliminates all active components between the server and the client, using only passive optical components (spliters) to guide network traffic. The use of these components, spliters considerably reduces costs and are used in FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks.

INOVAX has, in partnership with Huawei, the GPON solution, using concentrators (OLT - optical line terminals), SmartAX MA5600T model and terminals to be installed at customer addresses (ONT - optical network terminals).

The GPON solution offered by INOVAX / Huawei stands out for exploring diversified services and providing them quickly. In addition to reducing the costs of implementation, operation and maintenance, the solution also offers reduced energy consumption in several scenarios for users, known as last mile.

Huawei SmartAX MA5600T:

The MA5600T product series includes the high capacity MA5600T and the medium capacity MA5603T. The hardware and software of these two models are fully compatible with each other, aiming to reduce the costs of spare parts and maintenance and operating costs. The difference between the MA5600T and the MA5603T is that the MA5600T provides 16 slots and the MA5603T offers 6 slots.

ONT terminals

Terminals installed at the customer's residence. They provide high quality voice, data and video services.

Main features of the solution

All in One: Any media, Any time, Simple Migration.


• Flexible and high density access, covers, xPON, P2P and wireless on a single platform;
• Provisioning for 10GPON and NGPON, thus meeting the demand for broadband in different phases, protecting long-term investment.


One for All: Any Service, Any Scenario.


• Provides complete solutions such as concepts of digital houses, home-office and mobile backhaul networks, meeting diverse customer needs;
• Applicable in FTTH, FTTB and FTTC networks, depending on the different locations of the nodes.


Fast Deployment, Easy Operation.


• UniSite solution, Plug & Play equipment;
• Unique ODN solution: network architecture, components, implementation;
• Unification of fibers and copper, fast and accurate O&M through fault location management.


Huawei's GPON devices serve 1/3 of global users worldwide. Its broadband services offer the best communication for its users. Particularly in FTTx, Huawei was chosen as the main partner among 6 of the 10 largest telecommunications operators in the world.