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Espírito Santo

Espírito Santo

The state of Espírito Santo is another of the Brazilian states that highlights its history, culture and tradition, since since the time of the Portuguese countless towns have been built that today are beautiful historic cities, as is the case of the capital Vitória and town of Vila Velha.


Vitória is also the most prepared city in the state in terms of tourist infrastructure and that is why it is the city that receives the most visitors. It is a city for tourists to savor the flavors of the Espírito Santo land, enjoy the beautiful scenery overlooking the sea and explore the beautiful parks in the region.


Espírito Santo has more than 400 kilometers of coastline and in terms of beach the highlight is Vila Velha, mainly with Praia da Costa, which has transparent waters with parts of a more agitated sea and parts of a calmer sea.


Inovax - Espírito Santo

Rua Francisco Sousa dos Santos, 731 - Setor D - 1st Floor - Sl. 5

Jardim Limoeiro - Serra - ES

CEP: 29.164-153

Tel: (27) 3026-3025