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Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for
operational efficiency of your business

In order for your company to remain competitive in the dynamic telecommunications and IT market, it is essential to focus on its “core business”, as well as the continuous evolution of its operational structure, adopting innovative and high-performance technologies in several areas, including connectivity, processing, storage and information security, operation management and business management.


The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services offered by INOVAX fit the solution of this paradigm, in order to complement the operation of your business, focusing on the entire management of the operational processes and the use of technology, thus allowing your company to maintain the focus on its “core business”.


INOVAX provides a wide portfolio of BPO services with high quality, excellent cost-benefit ratio, in an integrated and customized way to the operation of your company and covering several areas of operation and technologies, such as: voice networks, table systems financial operations, data networks, broadband access networks, data centers, security, management systems, systems integration and development, operation support systems (055), business support systems (BSS) and “Business Intelligence” (BI).


Wide Expertise

Our service team has a comprehensive technological domain in several areas and technologies of Telecom and IT, thus allowing a complete understanding of the operation and its processes.


“Agile” practices

In our work, the best market practices are used in the areas of design, development, implementation, testing, operation, support and project management.


Customized Solutions

State-of-the-art systems, technologies and tools are selected and adapted based on the specified requirements.


Scalability and Flexibility
on demand

Internal processes were developed to quickly scale the operation, or even adapt to changes in operational requirements.


Robust Development Processes

In software development, a wide range of processes, techniques and tools are applied in order to meet the most stringent quality and performance requirements.


Experience in Operational Processes

Operational process modeling tools and methodologies (BPM- Business Process Modeling) are used to understand, design and propose improvements to operational processes in order to provide continuous improvement.


Project Management Experience

An experienced and certified team (ITIL and PMP) of project managers will monitor all stages of the solution delivery, as well as its operation, establishing and continuously controlling indicators and generating periodic reports in order to guarantee the success of your business on time and agreed conditions.


Success case

Management of the entire deployment and operation of more than 50 thousand FTTA / FTTH broadband accesses with GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology.

Copel Telecom and Banco do Nordeste

Scope of Operation:

• Installation project: Design and planning of services and materials to be used in the implementation of last mile accesses, plumbs and network extensions for the activation of FTTH / FTTA services.

• Deployment: Execution of field activities, such as installation of splice boxes, optical distributors, cable routing and installation and activation of modems (ONTs) in the customer's premises.

• Maintenance: Repairs, scheduled or not, and improvements to the access network and equipment infrastructure.

• Continuous improvement: Recurring process to improve the network, processes and management systems.

• Back office: Scheduling and technical support for the activities of field teams.

• Construction Control: Registration and control of all events of the operation until the accounting of all services performed and respective materials used for billing them.

• Billing: Pricing, with due taxes, of the services and materials accounted for in the execution of the various services, according to the contracts established with the client and contracted.

• Revenues: Generation and control of invoices according to the accounting standards established in contract with the client and contracted.

• Financial management: Control of all stages involved in the payment and receipt of invoices.

• QSMS: Training, execution and control of ASO, PPRA, PCMSO, EPI, EPC, APR processes, and the due inspection processes according to the requirements established for the operation.

• Material Supply Management: Management of acquisitions, inventory, handling and disposal of the various materials used in the operation.

• Process Development: Definition of operational processes (BPM), training of teams, monitoring and continuous improvement of processes.

• Software development: Development of systems to support the operation (OSS) and business support (BSS), customized for the specific application of the operation, for the end-to-end management of the operation (“order-to-cash”).

• Project management: End-to-end management of the entire operation, monitoring and controlling the performance indicators (KPIs and SLAs) established in the contract with the client and contractors, as well as generating periodic management reports.