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Rioprevidência, the Single Social Security Fund of the State of Rio de Janeiro, is an independent public body that manages financial assets, aiming at defraying the payment of earnings, pensions and other social security benefits. The agency conducts qualification, administration and payment of social security benefits provided for in the state legislation, which provides for the social security regime for public servants in the State of Rio de Janeiro and their dependents.


Inovax Solution

When contacting INOVAX, the institution needed greater dynamics for its financial operations and a telephony solution. To this end, INOVAX has implanted NEOPATH stations to streamline operations, including a management station at which the system is evaluated technically.

In addition, Audiocodes Gateway was provided, working with analog lines (SXO ports) and a robust server with virtualized applications.

INOVAX technicians also trained with Rioprevidência operators, giving certificates. Maintenance operations include monthly preventive operations, in which technicians make an assessment of the equipment and check the functioning of the system.

“We recognize that INOVAX has met our need for communication at the financial operations table and demonstrates the ability to adapt to the requirements of integration and technological evolution of the information systems that serve us. The company has a dynamic team and provides excellent technical support service, meeting our needs in a timely manner. ”

Flávia Affonso Teixeira
Planning Coordinator - GOP