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Founded by Petrobras, Petros is the second largest pension fund in Brazil and a pioneer in the Brazilian supplementary pension market. The company manages the pension plan of the largest company in the country, Petrobras and in 2009, surpassed the 132 thousand participants mark. Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, it has service stations in Santos, Salvador and Aracaju, in addition to representatives distributed by the sponsors.

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Inovax Solution

At first, PETROS needed a telecommunications technology solution. INOVAX implanted NEOPATH stations for financial desks, giving more dynamism to PETROS operations, meeting needs such as: recording and management of calls, FreeSeating system for authentication in several stations and storage of configurations and contacts and bina for number recognition. physical servers and digital Audiocode Gateway installed. A much more advanced system than the previous equipment that PETROS had.

The NEOPATH stations allowed PETROS to hold conferences with several participants and that an operator could, for example, enter another operator's session to follow the call.

INOVAX technicians also trained PETROS operators, teaching them how to operate the tool, giving certificates. Even after training, technicians are at your complete disposal to attend any maintenance operations, giving instructions or appearing in person to accompany the operation.

The maintenance operations at PETROS include monthly preventive operations, in which the technicians evaluate the equipment and check the functioning of the system.

“INOVAX has been able to continuously meet our needs for product customization and integration with the institution's other information systems.”

Andréa Santos
Telecommunications Engineer at PETRO