February 7th, Safer Internet Day

The Internet introduced a number of innovations and great social and economic benefits, but it has also brought with it several risks for users and opportunities for malicious people such as hackers and criminals. A vulnerable corporate network can allow viruses and hackers to access data systems and steal precious information that can impact business directly.

A survey carried out by FIESP (Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo, Brazil) about cybersecurity shows a profile of hacking attacks on the industry of São Paulo: 46% of the attacks aimed for confidential information of the company and its customers. 59% of the attacks targeted the financial area and 60% of attacks happened in medium-sized businesses.

Most large companies already use advanced internet security solutions, that causes hackers to target small and medium-sized businesses. Small and medium companies, for the most part, are unaware that their internet network is also a gateway to their company’s data. Information from those companies and their customers can be accessed by people who take advantage from network vulnerabilities.

To avoid being targeted by digital attacks, it’s necessary to invest in solutions that increase network security. This protection goes through several levels, from simple actions of guidelines and practices of using technology for employees to investments in servers and robust enterprise solutions.


INOVAX offers on-demand solutions that enable you to improve the security of your network and meet specific needs of your company. We can implement ICSA Labs certified firewalls, and software systems that can improve your company's internet reliability, providing comprehensive and integrated security for any device.

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