Philosophical Values

INOVAX believes:

That it is through INNOVATION that we create the technology capable to improve the world in which we live;

That TECHNOLOGY is a great tool to transform the world, and with its application, we offer companies and individuals the chance to transform society;

That we can only qualify ourselves to accept leaderships with basis in RESPONSIBLE attitudes and actions;

That individuals and organizations are capable of so much more working as a TEAM than they are alone;

That working as a team, we can achieve goals and objectives shared by the group, and as such, improve processes for the complete fulfilment of accepted commitments;

That CONFIDENCE is the main link between individuals and organizations;

That the principle of QUALITY is fundamental to the fulfillment of our mission;

That before all else we must seek EFFECTIVENESS, that is, to make sure;

That we must act ETHICALLY, or in other words, everything that we do must be for the right reasons, with justice, courage and balance;

That the success of a business is only possible when it manages to establish LONG TERM REALTIONSHIPS with its clients;