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INOVAX offers the best cloud computing solutions for companies to reduce costs and maintenance and focus their resources on innovation. Cloud computing offers a much more efficient, flexible and economical way to meet the growing needs of businesses in relation to ICT. INOVAX offers a progressive and practical way for this new model, with solutions that leverage the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserve the value of investments in technology.

Openstack Canonical

INOVAX and CANONICAL announces a partnership to offer in Brazil the solution for cloud computing OPENSTACK Canonical through the open source software platform, UBUNTU.

With this partnership INOVAX opens the doors of the Brazilian market for Canonical, as its main partner to offer solutions for OpenStack Cloud computing, and complements the supply of Cloud projects with products developed by INOVAX.

INOVAX believes in strategic partnerships and the exchange of knowledge to offer the most advanced solution in Information and Communication Technology, and believes that the partnership with Canonical is an important milestone in its history.

Through the Aurora Project, INOVAX, develops several integrations to offer solutions in OpenStack for the domestic market.

Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd


Canonical | Ubuntu - The platform of scale-out computing / Ubuntu Cloud


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