INOVAX ENGENHARIA DE SISTEMAS LTDA is a Brazilian Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication Company, established in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo since 1989. Since then, INOVAX has structured itself as an Engineering company, signing important partnerships for the development and industrialization of its products, with focus on supplying Telecommunication solutions for high-performance professional environments, and in particular, decision centers.

1989 - INOVAX is established as an Electrical and Electronics Company, founded by five Electronics Engineers to offer product development services.

1991 - Launch of the DPCT, the first Stand Alone product on the market, positioning itself as a manufacturer of Parallel Distributor of Telephone Calls, implanted in its first client, UNIBANCO S/A, with which a risk contract was signed for system approval.

1993 - Design development of a new line of telephone terminals, with support from the PUC RJ Design team.

1994 - Real Plan – New Organization of the corporate structure of the company

1996 - Next generation DCPT with the Compact DX product

1998 – Development of the overview of products with VoIP technology. Launch of the line of Tension Rectifiers for the Telecommunications Market. Partnership with the American company Natural MicroSystems CTI and the Japanese company TEAC Inc. for voice recording solutions.

1999 - Entering the Rectifier System market for telecommunications. Launch of the TradeDeck TA telephone terminal, with the support of the Design team from the Industrial Design Division of the National Institute of Technology (INT - Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia).

2000 – Development of the team and methodology for the development of Computer Telephony Systems (CTI). First user of Rational Rose Real Time in Brazil.

2002 - DPCT launch, based on Computer Telephony, with the TradeSystem product, the first Financial Operations Table with the capability to simultaneously record conversations and open architecture with VoIP technology.

2003 - FINEP Technological Innovation Award Product Category for the TradeSystem

2004 - Launch of the TradeDeck IP Project, with contribution from the INT design team

2005 - Top Business Award SEBRAE FIRJAN Honorable Mention. Approval by the FINEP, FAPERJ, CNPQ and PROGEX MCT institutions of all projects submitted for support.

2006 - Establishment of new agreements with the ICTs, INT, UFRJ and UFC.

2007 - Repositioning as an ITC company. Establishment of the R&D area of INOVAX R&D in the UFRJ/COPPE Technology Park.

2008 - Initiative for the creation of the Development of Infrastructure and Specialized Services Projects team. Partnership with Huawei Technologies. First Neopath system sold to BNDES.

2009 - Structuring INOVAX to provide services on a national scale. Establishment of the strategic partnership with Huawei Technologies. Supply of Huawei Switches to branches of the Banco do Brasil. Launch of high-speed passive optical transceiver devices.

2010 – Development of large-scale MPLS data communication network projects (Copel, Serpo). INOVAX also supplied the NeoPath to the Petros Foundation and the Rio Previdência Foundation, and an IP communication infrastructure project with optical devices to COPEL S/A, Banco do Brasil and Sudam.

2011 - INOVAX joins the Technology Park in the UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro. Supply of Data Center Containers to the Mackenzie Institute.

2012 - Signed contract to execute the system integration of the Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF).

2013 - Execution of the CEF system integration and contract signing for the implantation of a Cloud Computing System in the National Network for Teaching and Research (RNP - Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa) in Brazil.


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