Innovation Management

INOVAX believes that technological innovation is the result of new product and process creation, or the improvement of those existing, through the Research, Development and Innovation (PDI - Pesquisa Desenvolvimento e Inovação) sector of the company. Therefore, INOVAX incentivizes the continuous movement that innovation affords, and establishes itself in an environment conductive to research and development of state-of-the-art technology. In partnership with research and development institutions, INOVAX looks to construct innovative processes and products.

Structured to benefit from the goods law, INOVAX possesses the infrastructure, flexibility and solidity to administer innovation. The Goods Law, (Law n.º 11.196, 21 of November 2005) secured benefits for companies that perform technological research and innovation development. Amongst the main benefits, which are also enjoyed by clients, is the reduction of taxes, which results in a cost reduction of the services and products.

As well as this, INOVAX has an Internal Innovation Committee that continually exchanges information to suggest ways of improving the research and development of products and services.