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CAIXA now adopts the NEOPATH solution, which provides more speed and better performance to assist operators in their activities in this highly critical and frantic movement of negotiations.

The project had the expertise of INOVAX's development, implementation and commercial team, which materialized together with the CAIXA team a solution that combines versatility, security and scalability, essential elements in this segment.

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Caixa Econômica Federal:

Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) is a financial institution headquartered in Brasília (DF) and with branches throughout the national territory. Created in 1861, CAIXA is responsible for the Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS), the Social Integration Program (PIS) and the Unemployment Insurance of all formal workers in Brazil, as well as social programs, such as the Bolsa Family, and lottery units.

A public 100% company, CAIXA has a consolidated position in the market as a large, solid and modern bank. As the main agent of public policies for the federal government, it is present throughout the country.


CAIXA had outdated Financial Operations Tables looking for a new solution that would increase the operational capacity of old equipment. The institution needed a solution that would guarantee a distributed model of contingency, operation and management on three different and interconnected sites through the CAIXA Corporate Network.

In addition, CAIXA also sought to increase the capacity of conference rooms and integrated recording.

Inovax Solution:

INOVAX, proposed to CAIXA the use of the NEOPATH solution for Financial Operations Tables. The NEOPATH solution has a technological structure with fundamental strength and security to achieve the performance objectives of the advanced multimedia communication operations carried out by CAIXA. The product has advanced features for simultaneous calls, creation and management of conferences, integrated recording and call reproduction, among other essential functions present in the Financial Operations Tables.

The distributed contingency model was structured with the main site, contingency site and centralized management (NOC). 180 Terminals were installed on the Main Site and 96 on the Contingency Site. The centralized management and recording solution remained on the NOC management website.

INOVAX also carried out all Operational Support and training with the issue of certificates for users and operators.


Among the main results obtained by CAIXA after the implementation of NEOPATH, operational gains, flexibility and a friendly interface stand out, which provided benefits such as greater agility in operations and savings.